Meet Our Chiropractic Team

Dr. McConnell

I have been practicing chiropractic for over 48 years. I practice full spine manual chiropractic care and truly enjoy being a chiropractor. My first goal is to take away your pain. My second goal is to keep it away. I accomplish this using many chiropractic techniques:

  • Full spine diversified
  • Palmer upper cervical
  • Gonstead
  • Activator
  • Zindler
  • Sacro-occipital techniques (SOT)
  • SOT cranial
  • Kinesio taping
  • Diet
  • Exercise

Dr. Maier

After graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, I returned to where I grew up (Chilliwack) and started and maintained a very successful, family oriented chiropractic practice. For 41 years, I have enjoyed providing help and relief to my patients that come from all over the Fraser Valley for their chiropractic care. I continue to practice, primarily, a manual adjustive technique but also employ various other manipulative therapies to best tailor the treatment according to your needs. When necessary, an x-ray examination is used to make a definitive analysis and working diagnosis of your condition to aid me in being very specific in the adjustive treatment.

I am most interested in providing relief of your pain, correction of your condition and then I emphasize maintaining your spinal health and wellbeing. Aside from my busy practice, I have also served on various association and regulatory boards for 12 years. I look forward to the opportunity and privilege of serving your health care needs.

Dr. Morrison

After graduating from the University of the Fraser Valley I completed my Chiropractic education at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where I graduated cum laude with clinic honours. I wanted to return to the Fraser Valley to practice near my home and all that the West Coast has to offer.

As an avid distance runner and a former varsity rower I have appreciation, as both a Chiropractor and Chiropractic patient, the importance of maintaining your body’s function. I believe being active is an important part of staying healthy and chiropractic is an important component of staying active at any age.

I want to give you and each member of your family the care required so that every individual can be at their own best.

I am pleased to be a part of Chilliwack Chiropractic Health Clinic where I can not only relieve your pain, but also help you to continue to live pain free.

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